One CloudOps Platform For All Production Stakeholders

Improve Visibility
& Response Time

XiteIT - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

System interruptions can’t always be prevented. What matters is how you recover from them.

XiteiT helps you manage your 24/7 operation efficiently, balancing your business goals and resources with AIOps and runbook automation.

XiteIT - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

System interruptions can’t always be prevented, what matters is how you recover from them. XiteiT helps you manage your 24/7 operation efficiently, balancing your business goals and resources with actionable context and runbook automation.

One System For
All Your Cloud Operations Needs

Built For Production Teams. By Production Experts.

XiteiT is a SaaS-based NOC management solution, developed by MoovingON a leading provider of 24×7 NOC as a Service solutions. ​ Over the years, we have monitored and maintained our customers production workloads in various sizes and segments. XiteiT is the result of this journey, which allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions needed for a dynamic and agile NOC operation.

XiteIT - Improve Visibility & Response Time

Observability and Automation
at your Fingertips

4-step recipe for a successful cloud operation.

Stage 01

Organize the chaos

XiteIT - Improve Visibility & Response Time

Work Smart, Remediate faster

Maintaining production environment is a complex task both at a technical level and at the business level. Successful operation requires organizing all the alerts into a single platform to allow 360º observability along with managing all operational workflows to achieve consistency and flexibility at any time.

Stage 02

Prioritize decisions

Control the “Sense of Urgency”

“If everything is urgent – Nothing really is” – understanding what is important and what is urgent is not a simple task especially when downtime may harm your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Amplify and enrich alerts, provide business context and SLA, ensure accurate and efficient communication throughout events, are key factors for ensuring an accurate and fast response in handling production incidents.

XiteIT - Improve Visibility & Response Time

Stage 03

Automate what you need

XiteIT - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

Blend human intelligence with runbook automation

In an ideal world everything should be automated, but in reality that cannot be achieved and we must acknowledge that automation and human intelligence must work in harmony. The optimal balance should lie between 3 main factors: (1) automate all recurrent tasks (2) do not invest time in automatic complex or frequently changed tasks (3) automate alert remediation as well as work processes.

Stage 04

Ensure service ownership

Empower every operations stakeholder

Maintaining availability is challenging and requires full attention at any point of time. Unfortunately operations teams are under scrutiny when they fail to prevent or fix outages on time. Contrary, no one cheers for them when systems work as expected. 

As a result, we need to balance between all stakeholders and orchestrate their responsibilities both during normal business operations as well as in times of system interruptions. We must deliver observability and controllability for each stakeholder so they will get the the information they need, when they need it.

XiteIT - Improve Visibility & Response Time

See how you can effectively balance automation with human intelligence.

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What do people say about XiteIT?

<h4 style="color: #00b800;">Gonen Roditti </h4><h4 style="font-weight: 400;">V.P Deployment & Support at Pixellot</h4>

Gonen Roditti

V.P Deployment & Support at Pixellot

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With thousands deployments of our sport production systems, my support engineers are working 24/7 to ensure fans around the world are able to see their favorite team live or on-demand. Since our solution is completely unmanned, we needed a platform that would give us total observability into what is going on
<h4 style="color: #00b800;">Amir Paluch</h4><h4 style="font-weight: 400;">NOC Manager at SecurityDAM</h4>

Amir Paluch

NOC Manager at SecurityDAM

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“It is difficult to summarize my experience with XiteiT in one sentence,” says Amir. “This system has given me, as a NOC Manager, full transparency, and given us a unified picture of the systems we monitor.”
<span style="color: #00b800;">Ahikam Harush </span><br><h4 style="font-weight: 400;">VP Operations at MoovingON</h4>
Ahikam Harush

VP Operations at MoovingON

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We were mostly looking at multiple monitors and kept the operational knowledge spread across wikis, documents and people’s head. That affected efficiency and overall team performance. With XiteiT we were able to centralize all of our operational know-how into a single playbook, introduced automated remediation and escalation so our customers can free their DevOps resources to focus on high priority tasks
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