After spending countless hours of staring at monitors, waking up at nights for endless false alerts, maintain runbooks in spreadsheet and wikis, Avi and Roy came to the conclusion that something is not working

Searching for an appropriate solution to support their growing operation, ended up with an understanding that they needed to develop a solution that will allow them scale the business fast, painless and with the same level of service for their growing customer base.

After running the product for four years, Avi and Roy decided that other NOC teams could benefit from the product and achieve the same level of operational efficiency and agility, hence XiteiT became available as a SaaS platform for 24×7 operational teams.

Avi Shalisman –
CEO & Co-Founder

Avi brings 30 years of experience in both software and hardware, a career that includes establishing and managing global divisions of support, project management and IT services in segments such as Teleco, Mobile and billing systems. Avi holds an MSc in electrical and computer engineering and an MBA in industrial management, both from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Avi Shalisman

CEO & Co-Founder

Avi Shalisman – CEO & Co-Founder - XiteIT

Roy Brihand –
CTO & Co-Founder

Roy is a technological visionary with a track record of building solutions that create an impact. For more than two decades, Roy has built and led development, integration, DevOps and project management teams around the world, always keeping up with latest technology trends and innovations. Roy holds a BSc from Bar-Ilan university.

Roy Brihand

CTO & Co-Founder

Roy Brihand – CTO & Co-Founder - XiteIT

Asaf Matyas –
VP Sales

An experienced sales and business development executive with a strong background in selling software and services, from early stage startups to international organizations. Asaf holds a B.Sc in computer science and mathematics, and leverages his technical knowledge and skills to build winning sales strategies and processes that exceeds revenue expectations and increase market share.

Asaf Matyas

VP Sales & Marketing

Asaf Matyas – VP Sales - XiteIT

Ahikam Harush –
CIO & VP Engineering

Ahikam comes to MoovingON with more than 20 years of experience in security, infrastructure and networking from companies such as Microsoft and Technicolor. An industry veteran, Ahikam is a customer focused leader with a strong ability to manage large teams, across diverse cultures

Ahikam Harush

CIO & VP Engineering

Ahikam Harush – VP Operations - XiteIT