Cross organization
Communication & Escalation

In order to maintain maximum availability there is a need to maintain the optimal “sense of urgency” and “service ownership” at any given moment. Setting up cross organization, real-time communication channels is mandatory to align all team members.

Maintaining a production cloud platform involves many stakeholders, with each one brining different tools and needs into the puzzle. XiteiT serves as a centralized platform that helps to communicate with each stakeholder from one location, either automatically or manually, utilizing unique runbook automation workflows.



With and easy integration to an array of communication and collaboration solutions such as Jira, Slack, Teams, Phone, SMS, status pages and many more ,on-going updates can be shared as needed to each stakeholder preferred commutation method.

XiteiT ChatOps - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

Shift Handover

The critical element in any sprint relay race is the stick handover. The quality of the exchange can determine between success or failure. Running 24/7 operation teams is the same

Capture shift information and work status and maintain data integrity ensuring no data falls through the cracks. Keep shift handover history for regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. Use internal messaging board to share important notifications, either privately or publicly.

XiteiT ChatOps - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

On-Call Management

Manage on-call teams in one centralized space, change schedule on the fly from any device to ensure accurate escalation paths

Simplify on-call responsibilities across your teams. Set up, view and update tiered escalation policies with extreme elasticity, and notify the right individuals via multiple channels such as phone, SMS, Slack or MSTeams.

 Gather statistics on cohort utilization and workload for optimal team performance. Use escalation paths as integral steps in your runbook automation and keep all stakeholders aligned. 

XiteIT ChatOps - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

Actionable Communication

Enhance messaging value by providing actionable context
for efficient mitigation of system interruptions
Maintain alert communication across its entire life cycle to ensure faster remediation. Utilize various communication channels, making sure to provide actionable notifications, especially at 2am after a Friday night deployment, for both internal and external stakeholders.
XiteiT ChatOps - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

chain is as strong as its weakest link. To achieve continues improvements, we must look for the root cause of any malfunction and learn from them.

XiteiT - One Cloudops Platform For All Production Stakholders

Avoid making the same mistakes twice and investigate events throughout their entire life cycle, gathering actions, notes and results both from your automations and people’s actions. Build a culture of excellence through continuous improvement.