For Managed Service Providers

Unlock growth with
XiteiT MSP Solution

Whether you’re an early stage MSP or exploring new revenue streams, XiteiT is here for you.
We are committed to your success, so you can continue helping your customers grow

A new revenue stream – grow your business by offering NOC as a Service and further connect with your customers, giving them the piece of mind of a 24×7 monitored and managed service.


Lower operational costs

Achieve more with less using a perfect balance between automation and human capital.

Faster Customers Scale

Establish closer relationship with your customers, help them consolidate operational knowledge and give them the focus they need on growth.

Faster Customers Scale

Guarantee uptime, protect your customer service and applications, give them the focus they need to grow and establish stronger customer relationships. Remotely monitor, manage, and support your clients with a secure, multi-tenant cloud platform. Get immediate insights into your clients’ environments and remediate issues before jeopardizing customers’ experience.

Lower Operational Costs

Gain competitive edge with a single pane of glass, increase staff efficiency, and reduce costs by striking a balance between human capital and automation for a complete centralized operations solution. Expand your solution portfolio, easily integrate with your customers’ technology stack, and start generating new revenue streams.

We were mostly looking at multiple monitors and kept the operational knowledge spread across wikis, documents and people’s head. That affected efficiency and overall team performance. With XiteiT we were able to centralize all of our operational know-how into a single playbook, introduced automated remediation and escalation so our customers can free their DevOps resources to focus on high priority tasks”

Ahikam Harush, VP Operations, MoovingON