Pixellot chooses XiteiT to power its cloud operations

What Is Uptime Monitoring?

Pixellot’s automated sports production solutions revolutionize traditional video capture, production and distribution processes, enabling professional and amateur sports organizations to affordably cover and monetize their events.

Pixellot’s patented technology streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system in a single fixed rig (with additional angles as required), covering the entire field and delivering a stitched panoramic image. Advanced auto-production algorithms track the flow of play, identify highlights, create replays and insert ads without human intervention.

“With thousands deployments of our sport production systems, my support engineers are working 24/7 to ensure fans around the world are able to see their favorite team live or on-demand. Since our solution is completely unmanned, we needed a platform that would give us total observability into what is going on” says Gonen Roditti, VP Deployment & Support at Pixellot.

The Challenge

The company needed to have complete control over the entire production systems to deliver consistent, reliable and fast service to their customers and viewers.The systems are monitored in real-time and across several layers of Pixellot’s solution, and alerts generated from the venue require Pixellot’s support to address them quickly, with priority and quality, so that user experience remains intact.

The Solution

After considering several solutions, Pixellot identified XiteiT as the best solution suited for their alert management challenges.

XiteiT offered a unique combination of features such as runbook automation, allowing Pixellot to capture organizational knowledge and create a resolution workflow for each alert and event, and smart rules which ingest and correlate alerts from several monitoring systems enabling a higher level of business monitoring. Combined with the ability to automate standard operating procedures such as proactively notifying a customer in case a server is not responding, Pixellot support team could also track incident resolution and ensure the system is available when needed for a game or team practice.

In addition, XiteiT dashboard and reporting capabilities allowed Pixellot not only to have a clear view into the status of every sports venue during a game over a personally customized dashboard, but also to generate reports on their MTTR and SLA compliance.

Working closely with XiteiT customer success team, Pixellot was able to unify all alerts and events into a single format, enrich them with their relevant priority and automatic remediation, and proactively notify customers on the status of their systems.

The Results

With XiteiT, Pixellot reduced operational noise, improved the time it takes to handle alerts and incidents and increased customer satisfaction for customers and sport fans benefiting from Pixellot solutions across the globe.

“Collaboration with XiteiT enables Pixellot support engineers to work optimally, on the right priorities at any given moment, and to respond quickly and qualitatively to any field alert at both technical and business levels” – concluded Roditti.

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