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AIOps & runbook automation for a reliable cloud operation

System interruptions can’t always be prevented. What matters is how you recover from them. XiteiT helps you manage your 24/7 operation efficiently, balancing your business goals and resources with AIOps and runbook automation.

In this Webinar we will share with you:

  • A Single point of observability – how to manage incidents and automate remediation in one place
  • Minimize cognitive load – implement “no-code” workflows to quickly and accurately resolve incidents
  • Faster MTTx and RCA with AIOps – cluster and correlate alerts across the technology stack for reduced operational noise
  • Continuous improvements – transferring observability knowledge to operational insights 
Join us to see how to effectively balance human intelligence with automation and improve the reliability of your software

Roy Brihand

CTO & Co-Founder

Asaf Matyas – VP Sales - XiteIT

Asaf Matyas

VP Sales & Marketing

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