XiteiT Discusses NOC as a Service on the DevOps Paradox Podcast

XiteiT Discusses NOC as a Service on the DevOps Paradox Podcast

It’s common knowledge that NOC is a cornerstone of any company operating in the high-tech industry and working with networks, but it can often be less than simple for a company to run an internal NOC department. Often the absence of a core team member can cripple the entire department. The solution? Using an external NOC service.

A recent episode of the DevOps Paradox podcast posted on the October 14 and hosted by Darin Pope and Victor Farcic discusses the advantages of using an external NOC service. Together with XiteiT’s Avi Shalisman and Asaf Matyas, they discuss how an external NOC service can benefit a large variety of companies.

XiteiT was founded by Avi Shalisman and Roy Brihand as a response to the growing need in the market for a SaaS-based NOC management solution. XiteiT provides
services to companies of all sizes and from various industries. The platform serves
as a one-stop solution for all your cloud operations requirements.

Among the topics discussed in the podcast are: what a virtual NOC is, what NOC as a service can provide its clients with, and of course, the benefits of using an external NOC provider such as the one offered by XiteIt.

The benefits discussed include: allowing companies to avoid investing internal resources into NOC and allowing smaller businesses access to technicians who are on call 24×7, as well as minimizing the risks of having an irreplaceable team member unavailable in the case of a crisis. Additionally, a wide range of other subjects are given a closer look, from the evolution of runbooks to data transfers.

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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