XiteiT helps MoovingON improve overall operations and reduce resolution time by 70%

Pixellot chooses XiteiT to power its cloud operations

MoovingON is the leading provider of NOC as a Service for the Israeli ecosystem, serving startups and established companies alike. Accumulated with of years of experience in monitoring and IT operations management, MoovingON provides high-quality NOC service assurance, allowing companies to focus on developing their core services while knowing that their cloud production environment is maintained by a team of dedicated professionals.

Key challenges

Traditional approach for ‘detect and resolve’ issues has been to rely on a ‘catch and dispatch’ workflow, a manual process in which NOC engineers receive and assign alerts from multiple sources and monitoring systems, looking at multiple monitors and escalate to domain experts when a more complex resolution was needed. With cloud infrastructures (such as AWS) and agile methodology of development, along with scale and rapid adoption of technologies, the team just couldn’t keep up with that. As a result, engineers were overwhelmed with alert fatigue and lack of context.

These challenges lead to a reactive approach towards the entire operations – responding to issues after clients have already been impacted. Additionally, this resulted into proliferation of millions of events. Finally, due to the limited context, it could take hours to resolve these incidents.

“We were mostly looking at multiple monitors and kept the operational knowledge spread across wikis, documents and people’s head. That affected efficiency and overall team performance”, said Ahikam Harush, VP Operations at MoovingON.

XiteiT NOC management platform solution

By implementing XiteiT SaaS NOC management platform, MoovingON was able to consolidate and unify all events, alerts and incidents, across their multiple customers’ infrastructure and application monitoring stacks, into a single operations framework. MoovingON NOC engineers and supporting DevOps team could now focus solely on alerts and incident that require discrete analysis and resolution process, collaborate and share knowledge between teams for a better service delivery, and reduce MTTR (Mean-Time-To-Resolution) by 70%.

XiteiT enabled MoovingON with:

  • Noise reduction: First, XiteiT transparently integrated with all alert resources of our customers. Then, the smart correlation and automation engine eased the work of the NOC team by reducing the number of alerts requiring human intervention by 90%.
  • Operational transparency. With XiteiT millions of events and alerts from multiple monitoring system across public, private and hybrid cloud workloads are processed and presented in customizable dashboards for granular visibility.
  • Process efficiency. With a built-in smart rules and trending engine, a powerful alert templating and enrichment, millions of events and alerts are reduced to a fraction, so NOC engineers are handling the most critical alerts and incidents.
  • Runbook automation. XiteiT robust runbook automation helped MoovingON significantly decrease manual labor and standardize operating procedures, balancing between auto-remediation and human intervention. Alerts are automatically correlated with their respective runbook for fast and accurate incident resolution or escalation.
  • Audit trail. Since all alerts and incidents are fully audited for every action, both automatically and manually, MoovingON is able to provide an accurate and fast RCA (root cause analysis), resulting in an improved customer satisfaction and compliance.

Today MoovingON can onboard new customers at half the time it took them, connect events feeds from any solution and provide a reliable and secure uptime service to their customers’ core production workloads.

The solution enabled them to become proactive, identify and address incidents before their affect their customers’ service, and improve overall staff morale and productivity, resulting in a more efficient workforce and lower operational costs.

“XiteiT is running on AWS environment with all the redundancy, scalability and security required, giving us total peace of mind knowing that all events will be handled, and nothing will be missed. This is a key feature for us to ensure the SLA needed for our customers”, said Ahikam Harush, VP Operations at MoovingON.

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